Exclusive Swoosh Gold Card



Welcome to Gold Card, Swoosh Gold Card exclusive membership programme that helps you make savings on car valeting services. A 12 month Swoosh Gold Card membership is a one off payment of £275.00 and entitles you to get 2 Gold Valets a full deep steam clean Supagard Paint protection and 15% of any of our Valet Services per year

After submitting your new membership registration, Swoosh car valeting will contact you within 48 hours to complete your application from which you'll be issued with your membership card. Your Gold Card will be sent to you in the post, so when booking you can take advantage of your money saving benefits.


As soon as you have signed up for your Gold Card, you’ll have access to the following complimentary gifts and discounts.

2 Gold Valets (worth a minimum £160.00)

Full Interior Deep Steam Clean (worth a minimum £49.00)

Supagard Paint Protection (worth £70)

15% Off Any Valet Services (unlimited)


To purchase your 12 months membership, simply email us with the title Swoosh Gold Card Membership Sign Up, and you will be contacted to process your one off payment of £275.

On receipt of payment, you will be issued with your membership card. From then on, you can start using your Card, and take advantage of all the benefits.


To use your benefits, you will need to make your reservation in advance, stating the intention to use your Swoosh Gold Card, so I can apply your discount. Upon my arrival for your service, you will need to show your Swoosh Gold Card.

Your membership is valid for one year from date of purchase.