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Machine Polish Valet

Our service offers any vehicle to have a high quality paint finish returning that new vehicle shine and soft glass like touch. we carry many types of polish and wax, ceramic, silica glass coatings from many major brands. by staying independent and mobile we can offer a range of products at a better price.

  • Vehicle Rinsed
  • Alloys Wheels Cleaned
  • Traffic Film Remover applied to lower half incl. all door/boot sills & inner arches
  • Vehicle shampooed & washed
  • Vehicle is clayed and tar spots removed
  • Autogloss Rinse applied prior to rinsing
  • Dried with chamois leather or microfibre drying towel
  • Exterior paintwork machine polished using the best suited polish for your vehicle
  • Bodywork finished off with Autoglym HD wax
  • Tyres dressed for that showroom finish
  • Clean all exterior glass using Autoglym Window Clean or Autoglym Glass Cleaner
  • Small Cars - £140.00
  • Medium Cars- £165.00
  • M.P.V & 4x4's - £245.00