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odour removal

Swoosh Car Valeting has invested in the AirVidox system which is the proven choice of valeting professionals to remove stale odours from vehicle interiors.

The system uses dry vapours produced from essential natural oils to neutralise and permanently remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals and food.

Unlike conventional air fresheners, the dry vapour intensively produced by the Aromatek system penetrates deep into the porous surfaces within the vehicle firstly neutralising the stale odour and then emitting AirVidox's own fragrance for months to come.

In all cases of deodourising the most important factor is initially to remove the source be this a spillage, food or pet smell.

Once the source is removed the vehicle is then deodourised with the AirVidox unit using the Neutrox cartridge. This cartridge is made up of over 32 natural essential oils designed to chemically neutralise and remove odours including those trapped within upholstery, carpets and headlinings.

Once complete the vehicle interior can be optionally refreshed using a fragrance cartridge again applied by the Aromatek system. These are available in either Citrus, Vanilla Leather or sweetberry scent.

Pricing for this service starts at £36.50 per vehicle plus the original interior valeting charge.