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Winter Protection Valet

As winter is approaching now is the best time to get your vehicle protected against the harsh elements our winters bring us.

Our Winter Protection valet has proved very popular over the last few years for many of our regular clients and now i'm offering this service to one off clients

So what is our winter protection package?

Our winter protection valet gives you the best possible protection for your vehicle.

It includes a polish to get the paintwork super smooth ready for a top quality sealant which acts as a base coat for one of our high end waxes that we finish the vehicle off with.

This along with the sealant provides maximum protection against the elements

Also your alloy wheels get sealed and waxed to protect against road salt

Exterior Glass also gets a treatment this ensures easy removal of ice / snow build up and also improves visibility during heavy rain

  1. Pre-spray lower car / rinse
  2. Though wash
  3. De-tar ( chemical tar removal )
  4. Leather dry
  5. Clean door / boot jams /filler cap
  6. Clean alloy wheels
  7. Clean wheel arches
  8. Dress tyres / bumpers
  9. Polish exterior glass
  10. Professional protective wax application

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Price from £49.95

Time taken 2 - 4 hours